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frequently asked questions

Q: Do I have to pay in order to view RFPs or submit a bid?

A: You do not have to pay in order to view RFPs (although you must register) or submit a bid.  Registration is free.  There are no monthly or annual subscription costs whatsoever.

Q: Do I have to pay in order to submit RFPs?

A: You do not have to pay in order to submit RFPs (although you must register) or receive offers. Registration is free. There are no monthly or annual subscription costs whatsoever.

Q: How do I establish business with RFP Zone?

A: First, agree to the terms of service and register your organization. Registration is done via our online registration process and takes a matter of minutes. Thereafter, you will receive a verification call from our client services division to complete your process to gain access.

Q: If I am not a registered vendor, can I still submit bids with RFP Zone?

A: No. The responding organization cannot submit a response unless you are a registered vendor, have a Vendor Agreement in place with RFP Zone and have supplied all supporting information.

Q: Can individuals register?

A: All of our registrants must be a registered corporation. Individuals can not register. However, you can register if you are a corporation or LLC with sole proprietor status.

Q: Is there a particular type of RFP you will accept?

A: Our general rule is that if it can be bid on, it can be placed. We have a wide array of RFPs in several business verticals.

Q: Is there a minimum dollar amount for RFPs?

A: Yes. Our minimum RFP must have a work or asset value of at least $800. There is no maximum.

Q: How do I place the bid documents on RFP Zone?

A: By uploading your documents (PDF) to a secure server space.

Q: How do I know the accounts, RFPs and/or vendor responses are real?

A: All of our stakeholders go through a verification process with our client services division. There a number of steps in this process, one of which is a verification phone call.

Q: Am I able to see the status of my RFP submission or bid?

A: Yes. Our stats system provides all of the pertinent analytic detail regarding your RFP.

Q: Are providers required to comply with RFP Zone IITAA requirements?

A: Provider with existing products that are being used to respond to an RFP should include applicable IITAA compliance templates to provide information on the IITAA compliance as part of the evaluation of the product for purchase and the compliance template maybe required, if specified in the RFP. Products that do not meet IITAA requirements will still be considered if other products that meet minimal functional requirements of the RFP also do not meet the IITAA requirements.

Q: What if vendors can not respond to RFP's because of the accessibility requirements?

A: Vendors should be encouraged to apply even if they do not meet all of the requirements of IITAA. Vendors should be encouraged to fill out compliance templates to highlight where their products do comply with IITAA, features that could comply with minor modifications and features that could only comply with extensive modifications. Since IITAA is a relatively new requirement many vendors may not be aware of the requirements or may not have integrated all the requirements into their products. Vendors who may only partially satisfy the requirements may still find that they have more accessibility features than similar products and therefore will have a competitive advantage over other products. It is important to point out to vendors that if they bring their products into compliance they will have a competitive advantage.

Q: What should I expect at the pre-bid/pre-proposal meeting?

A: Not all bids have a pre-bid meeting and attendance is not mandatory unless specified. In the event that there is a pre-bid meeting, it is typically used by the issuing organization to discuss specifications for a specific bid/proposal, and it allows for vendors to ask questions in order to seek clarification.